Yeah, This Is Pretty Much What We Thought Saudi Arabia Was Like Anyway

September 21, 2011

Stereotyping is a terrible thing. 99% of all Muslims are like anybody else: they just want to raise their families in peace. And we should respect that, and not invoke stereotypes of either dudes with too much money thanks to oil, or desperate terrorists.

Then these idiots come along with their AK-47s and jacked up sedans and pretty much help set back relations with the rest of the world 20 years.

Let's see here...doing incredibly dangerous car stunts near semis? Check. Discharging firearms in a heavily populated area? Check. Those firearms are Kalashnikovs? Check. All they really need is some incredibly arrogant Asian guy to pass off as the villain and we've got the setting for the next Fast and the Furious movie all sewn up.

It's kind of amazing that these guys not only did stuff this incredibly stupid (and illegal), but that all the people around them don't even flinch, even when they crank the stupid up to 11 and pull stunts like this around a school bus. Soooo, living in Saudi Arabia is basically like living in a bad action movie? Makes sense to us!

Source: YouTube/NextKsa