Billboard Boobs Go 3D

September 13, 2010

The 3D fad has crossed over into lingerie advertising with Wonderbra unveiling its first-ever billboard with 3D breasts. See it after the jump.

The billboard features Brazilian babe Sabraine Banando and is located near London’s Waterloo Station. The impressive 20-foot-wide billboard launches Wonderbra’s new Full Effect Bra, which promises to increase a woman’s bust by a whopping two sizes. The billboard echoes Eva Herzigova’s famed “Hello Boys” Wonderbra campaign of the 1990s. This new bra is described as “the best cleavage enhancer to date.”


The 3D billboard is accompanied with the tagline “Experience the Full Effect.” To experience the full effect viewers will need special 3D glasses. Otherwise the effect is merely fuzzy cleavage.

What do you think of the new billboard?