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Bromans 24/7/365

by Robbie E   October 30, 2013 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 5,569

What a week, bro.

The Bro Mans are the TNA Tag Team Champions, bro. I now have held every major title in TNA IMPACT WRESTLING except for the World Title. That's coming one day, bro, but anyway...

The gossip of the week bro is now TNA is 24/7, bro. With YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, TNA IMPACT WRESTLING will provide deep looks into everything going on in the wrestler's lives. So basically it's Robbie E 24/7, bro. Just what you've always wanted.

Here are the top 5 things you will see me doing.

5 - Gym - What better way to see how to get jacked and pick up chicks than to be able to follow myself and Jessie around at the gym, bro. You're welcome.

  4 - Mall - Wanna dress great like the Bro Mans? Now with TNA 24/7, maybe we'll take you on a shopping trip with us, bro, and you to can wear clothes that are going to get you girls. Guaranteed, bro.

3 - Airport - Ever wonder what us IMPACT WRESTLERS do all the time when we travel? Especially guys that are entertaining like Robbie E and Jessie. The Bro Mans will let you in on a plane ride. Enjoy the view of our first class life from coach though, bro. Upright and locked!

  2 - Pre-Match Ritual - How cool would it be to see how myself and Mr. Pec-Tacular pump up before a match. bro. We do some pretty crazy stuff. Like what? Wouldn't you like to know, bro? Maybe you'll get to see it, if we feel like showing you, bro.

1 - Picking On Hamsters - Join us as we harass Joseph Park and Eric Young backstage and show the world that they truly are dorks. BOOM! That just happened.  Until next week... This was the Bro Man blog, bro.

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