Tiger Woods' Most Impressive Accomplishment Yet

October 2, 2009

After becoming the greatest athlete of his generation, repeatedly sleeping with a hot Swedish woman, and giving Phil Mickelson whatever the opposite of an eating disorder is, Tiger Woods has taken his game to the next level and done something nobody else in the world of sports ever has.

According to Forbes Magazine, the 33-year-old PGA poster boy officially became a billionaire in 2009, making him the first athlete (okay, golfer) to reach the financial milestone. Thanks to his various endorsement deals and occasional appearances on the PGA tour, Woods was able to surpass Michael Jordan ($800 million) and outearn the entire Detroit auto industry before being legally old enough to run for President.

For some odd reason, Woods did not return our repeated 3:15am phone calls, but if he did – he presumably would have explained that there’s more to life than money and that right now he’s just concentrating on the upcoming golf season and getting tickets to the new Legally Blonde musical.

Well said, Tiger and best of luck spending the money! You're a hero to every fat kid who took up golf because he wasn't athletic enough to make the football team.

Source: David Cannon/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images