Mantenna - Tuesday, January 27

January 27, 2009

The sexy Lingerie Bowl meets its end, the Fresh Prince goes gangsta, and the 50 hottest WAGs in the world of's the Mantenna!

Top 50 Sexiest WAGs

Sports stars have it made big time. They earn tons of money, they get paid to play a game, and they score the hottest women in the world. These women even have their own category of hotness: WAGs – which stands for wives and girlfriends. COED Magazine has scouted all the sports in the world and created a list of the top 50 hottest WAGs of world sport. The list is impressive and includes Adriana Lima, Gisele Bundchen, Brooklyn Decker, Hillary Duff, Cheryl Cole, Kelly Brooks, and many more. It might be time to take up a sport. [COED Magazine]

Lingerie Bowl Cancelled

The Lingerie Football League has announced that this year’s Lingerie Bowl will be cancelled. The fun halftime show, where models "play" football in sexy lingerie, was meant to take place this Saturday at the Caliente nudist resort in Florida. Apparently many players felt uncomfortable playing in the nude or in front of naked people. The league issued a statement saying they did not wish to harm the reputation of players or the league itself. [UPI]

Fresh Prince is So Street

If you haven't seen the gangsta version of the theme song for The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, it’s got more shotgun cocking sounds than we’ve ever heard in a music video.  Link is totally NSFW, but totally hilarious (as is so often the case). [CHTV]

Your Girlfriend’s Mom Friended You on Facebook

Wired gives advice to you poor, unfortunate souls who have had to make the impossible choice to accept, decline, or give a limited profile to “Facebook Friends-in-law.” There’s a lot of ins and outs, but they boil it down to this in the end: “Preserving your right to Facebook raunchiness isn't worth hurting her mother's feelings. And point out that, hey, it's only Facebook—it's not like you let Mom install a webcam in your bedroom.” [Wired]

College Humor TV Show on MTV

The gang at is coming to MTV, and they’ve cleverly quipped that “it’s like the internet but on television.”  And you know they know what they’re doing, too, because they spent their whole budget on models and ice cream.  This is the perfect combination.  It’s like when somebody invented the bacon cheeseburger. Do you think they cried? We think they cried. [College Humor]

Thriller Musical Set For Broadway


Michael Jackson will help develop his classic "Thriller" video into a legit musical theater production. "This musical will be the exclusive Michael Jackson authorized version of 'Thriller' and Jackson will participate in every aspect of the creative process," said the Nederland Organization, which has acquired the rights to the musical. Jackson's spokesman states that "Thriller The Musical will include songs from Thriller and Jackson's 1979 album Off The Wall." [Yahoo! News]

Lizzy Borden Guitarist Dies In Crash
Former Lizzy Borden guitarist Corey Daum has been killed in a car crash in Nashville, Tennessee. The 39-year-old rocker, also known as Corey James, died on Saturday morning after the car he was a passenger in ploughed across three lanes on the Interstate 40 motorway and smashed into a concrete wall. The driver, Charles Wolford, confessed to driving under the influence at the scene of the crime and has been charged with vehicular homicide. [The Gauntlet]

El Zombo Fantasma Coming to Theaters

For fans of the Dark Horse comic El Zombo Fantasma, today was a good day because today was the day that it was announced this comic will be headed for the silver screen. Zombo is about the fate of a Mexican wrestler who is killed and then brought back to life. Kind of like Spawn, but even weirder, Zombo is entrusted with the protection of a teenage boy, who is his last chance at salvation. Death Ray Films and Maya Entertainment have optioned the rights, and Kevin Munroe, co-creator of the comic, is going to write and helm the movie. So get ready for some Mexican wrestling/zombie fun, Zombo is headed our way. [Cinematical]

Hippies, Rejoice: Hummer H2 Production Suspending

General Motors and AM General have announced that 200 workers at the Mishawaka, Indiana, plant where the Hummer H2 and military versions of the HMMWV are assembled will be temporarily laid off until at least March. All of the affected workers assemble civilian Hummer, though it's rumored that the company may move some of these displaced employees to the military side of the operation. [Hummer Guy]

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