DIY Mobile Drive-In Theater Caters to Treasure Hunters, Spies

June 26, 2009

Are you among the hordes of people who miss the old school drive-in experience?  Do you have an itch for spy-style treasure hunts and way too much time on your hands? Meet the Guerilla Drive-In.

As opposed to the THX-certified, $15-a-person moviegoing experience that is so common these days, there are those that prefer the more organic charms of a beaten, scratched, oft-repaired, and aged release print of a movie, ratty-sounding optical audio tracks and all. Guerilla Drive-In has outfitted a BMW motorcycle with a vintage Eiki 16MM film projector in a sort-of nod to The Motorcycle Diaries, and organizes clandestine movie showings at secret locations that are apropos to the plot or storyline of the film being shown.

But getting onto the Members List of Guerilla Drive-In is a whole 'nother adventure in itself. Sort of an alternate reality game dreamt up by website developer John Young,  the first thing to do is find the "MacGuffin": An AM transmitter housed in a bright orange Pelican case.

The MacGuffin plays a continuous loop of a secret access code needed to join the group. Once the unit is found, you must email a picture of yourself with the transmitter and containing the access code to be notified of future showings. Seems like it would be a lot easier to just hit up the Arclight (or bittorrent) but of course, it's the experience, more than the film, that is the reward.

Source: Guerilla Drive-In