Slovenian Hockey Players Savagely Beat their Coach with Wooden Traffic Signs

April 8, 2010

Unless you’re any sort of celebrity, in America drunk driving usually results in heavy fines and possible jail time. In Slovenia, however, it occasionally leads to the merciless beating of a 42-year-old New Jersey native.

Mike Posma, head coach of the Acroni Jesenice, was celebrating a league title with various players at a local bar that likely featured plenty of 1990s pop music and an extensive collection of Bruce Vilanch memorabilia on the walls. (He’s huge there.)

As the night drew to a close, the team’s 19-year-old back-up goaltender had one too many drinks and wasn’t sure about driving home.

Enter Posma.

Like any good coach, Posma convinced the netminder to believe in his abilities and not let things like the “law” or “possibility of dying” stand in his way.


The pep talk worked for about 17 minutes until the drunk-driving player crashed his car on the side of the road, nearly killing himself in the process.

In an effort to possibly see how much more damage he could do, Posma went to the scene of the crime where he was greeted by six angry players holding wooden traffic cones that they used to savagely beat him with. Ironically they used the teamwork and execution that Posma had shown them throughout the season.

Following the altercation, Posma fled to America and the players involved were suspended by the team for their actions.

No word yet as to whether or not Posma has been invited back to coach the team next season.

Photo: Stone/Getty Images

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