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Blowouts, Blings, & Other Things: Warm Weather

by Robbie E   April 05, 2012 at 11:00AM  |  Views: 901

The Bro Blog is back this week and I'm in a great mood, bro, because it's getting warmer here in Jersey! The warm weather just brings out the best in everyone, don't ya think, my dude? I mean, think about it… it's warm out! Anyway... this week I am going to LIST the five best things about the warm weather and just why Big Robbie E and Bigger Robbie T love it so much.

5. CLOTHES - The clothes in the warm weather that girls wear tends to get less and less which is pretty sweet, unless you're a hamster, of course. But those are a rare sight for where I chill in Jersey. Plus I get to wear less also, which means the rare time I may have a tank top on is now gone. Shirtless all the time unless me and Bigger Rob hit a club and wear matching sweaters.

4. THE BEACH - The sand, volleyball, girls half naked, some beers, girls half naked, the ocean, girls half naked. You get why I love the beach now dont ya? Plus I love waking up super early and hitting the beach for a run and some beach plyometrics.

3. PARTYING - For some reason in the summer people just tend to wanna party more. There is always a party to go to in the warm weather, sometimes more than one in a night and party hopping must take place until me and Bigger Rob find a hamsterless party.

2. FOOD - Food is better in the summer because grilling is the bomb and for the most part it's a summer thing! The best is just walking out onto my deck and grilling up some food. The taste is priceless. Plus I love Rita's Italian Ice and they are only open in the warm weather!

1. THE BOARDWALK - Come on bro? Did ya think it would be anything else? The rides, fun foods, girls, games. I'm a skee ball champion and proud of it. There is no other place in the world like the Jersey Shore Boardwalks, man. So if ya didn't know... Now ya know.

Until next week, I gotta run and enjoy this great warm weather!!!! Peace!!!

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