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Mantenna – Lady Gaga Sued

by ncoles   August 05, 2011 at 8:11PM  |  Views: 2,073
Lady Gaga is accused of ripping off another artist's song, NHL player Sean Avery gets pushy with the police, and Mr. Bean's country drive ends in a fiery car crash… Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch the Mantenna.

Lady Gaga Gets Accused of Ripping Off "Judas"

Photo: Ray Tamarra/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Chicago musician Rebecca Francescatti, is claiming that Lady Gaga stole one of her songs and is going to court to prove it. According to reports, Francescatti is suing Gaga for copyright infringement and claiming that the artist stole key elements from her track "Juda" and then used them in the international smash "Judas." In the lawsuit, Rebecca Francescatti points to Gaga as well as Interscope Records, Universal Music Group, DJ White Shadow, and sound engineer Brian Joseph Gaynor as the key elements in piecing together the song for Gaga. It stated that "Judas" has "a substantial similarity" to "Juda" because Lady G supposedly "copied and incorporated substantial, original portions" of the track even though it was copywritten and recorded with Gaynor well beforehand. Francescatti is now seeking some of the mega-bucks "Judas" has taken in worldwide. According to NBC Chicago, Gaynor allegedly told Francescatti that he was working with Gaga on Born This Way and said he "[p]layed bass, keys, co-wrote, engineered, and co-produced" three tracks on Gaga's LP. Even though the connection between the two tracks seems ironclad from a production standpoint, Francescatti's attorney, Christopher Niro, told NBC Chicago that "these lawsuits are not resolved quickly, but it's a way for artists like my client to knock on the doors of the high and mighty."

Mr. Bean Actor in Severe, Very Expensive Car Crash

Rowan Atkinson, the British comedian responsible for the bumbling Mr. Bean character, has walked away with minor injuries after crashing his car. The actor crashed into a light pole and tree while driving through the countryside in East England. The vehicle subsequently burst into flames. The accident was a costly one as Atkinson was driving a $1 million McLaren F1 "supercar." According to a spokesperson for East of England Ambulance, "It was a minor shoulder injury. The occupant was out of the car when we arrived." It's a good thing Atkinson has all that Mr. Bean money.

NHL Player Sean Avery Arrested for Shoving Police Officer

Photo: Cindy Ord/WireImage/Getty Images

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, badass New York Rangers forward Sean Avery was taken into custody early this morning in Los Angeles on a misdemeanor charge of battery on a police officer. According to TMZ, Avery has been accused of roughing up a police officer responding to a complaint about a noisy house party off Laurel Canyon Boulevard in the Hollywood Hills. The Los Angeles Times reported that Avery got pretty heated with one of the Los Angeles officers before pushing him and slamming the front door in his face. Avery was also quoted as calling the officers "fat little pigs" during the initial drama. More officers were then called to the scene and Avery was eventually taken into custody. His bail was set at $20,000 and Avery was held overnight. A spokesman for the New York Rangers said the team had no immediate comment, but did state: "We will discuss the matter with Sean." There has also been no official word from Avery as of yet.

Study Reveals the Obvious: Eating Healthy is Expensive

Anyone attempting to eat a balanced and healthy diet knows it's more expensive than schlepping to your local fast food retailer and ordering a bunch of items from the $1 menu. Now a new study reveals just how expensive it is to follow the federal government's new "My Plate" dietary guidelines and eat healthy. The study was conducted by the University of Washington who surveyed 2,001 residents of King County in Washington about their diet and nutrition. The study concluded that eating what the government wants you to consume would add $380 to your yearly grocery bill. The increase in cost comes from to need to increase fiber, calcium and other nutrients in your diet and reduce the amount of fat and sugar consumed. The authors of the study wrote, "Dietary recommendations need to become more sensitive to the economic constraints faced by consumers, particularly those in the most vulnerable segments of society, who bear a disproportionate burden of obesity and chronic disease." Some 15 percent of American households claim they don't have enough money to eat how they want!

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