New Poster for H2: Halloween 2

May 12, 2009

Lots of rumors about Michael Myers and his notorious mask have been flying around for awhile, but now the director of the upcoming sequel, H2: Halloween 2, has finally set the record straight. Oh, and there's a new poster out for the movie, which you can see all of after the jump.


In an interview with Slash Film, Rob Zombie gives us the skinny about just how much Michael will be wearing his mask (this discussion has begun to border on the silly -- the dude is going to be terrifying no matter what he does or does not put over his head):

It is total bulls***. [laughs] See, I think Wayne said that, put the figure out there when you guys were down on the set. Wayne wasn’t bulls***ting, but that was taken out of context and to an extreme [online]. We’ve filmed so much stuff and at this point nobody but me knows what we’re going to use or not use. There are more shots of Michael Myers running around in his mask in this movie than any of the other movies. I don’t think anybody has to worry. Yeah, Michael Myers in his mask never looked so good. [laughs]

So will that put an end to all the online bickering about Michael and his mask once and for all? How about we focus on the more salient issue at hand: the trailer for the film and its inexplicable blonde fairy who apparently has become Michael's sidekick. Anyone worried about that? Just a little bit?

Regardless of what we think at this point, we're really just going to have to wait and see the film to know whether or not Zombie rose to the occasion or dropped the ball like he did last time.

Any thoughts on the percentage of the movie you think Michael should be donning his mask?

Thanks to Screen Rant for the poster.