An Update...

November 14, 2010

As some of you may (or may not) have noticed, my previous original account, "Mr_Francavilla" has been deleted, and all records of said account have all been but completely removed off of In other words, it seems that I've been banned. Meaning, every single post and comment I've ever made on a Deadliest Warrior episode, blog, or fan's blog has been removed. Any and all links to my profile come off as an error message, and the 15 people formerly on my Friends list will find my name missing.

Fortunately, what little that has been apparently saved from this deletion are my two existing blogs from the previous account, "Medellin Cartel vs. Yakuza," as well as "My Possible Future Match-ups."

They can be found at these links still, though the comments I left on them too have been deleted.

So, here's what happened, and explained to the best of my memory. On Friday, November 12th, I happened upon the "Rock on" video, depicting the Crazy Horse expert to be seen on Season 3. I was overjoyed when I discovered the video, so much so that I posted a comment on the general "Deadliest Warrior" home page comments section, and I quote:

"Well, it's official: Crazy Horse is on Deadliest Warrior!"

Below, I posted a link to the video.

I was the first comment that acknowledged Crazy Horse being on the show. About 1 hour after said post, is when I realized that I couldn't access my profile page anymore, I couldn't leave comments, and I found that all the comments I left on episodes were deleted and wiped off of the site. Nothing was left. I even checked on other people's profiles on my friends list, and records of my existance were gone. I was lucky to have found my blogs still here.

I had assumed that I was banned because of the post I had made, seeing as how it was the last thing I did on my profile, about an hour after this whole mess happened. I assumed that the video was possibly leaked, and not meant to be aired yet, and to keep the next Season 3 warrior a secret. Hence, the apology comment you see in the comments section of the Deadliest Warrior home page. However, after seeing other people commenting on the video, as well as the fact said video is still on, I came to the conclusion that for whatever reason my profile was deleted, it doesn't have anything to do with the post I made on the video. So, I must've done something wrong in the past. However, Spike has not sent any sort of warning, or notification I was removed from

Anyway, I plan on emailing Spike concerning my profile's disappearance, and what can be done if my blogs can return to their rightful ownership, and if it's even possible to get my comments back up. If not, then I suppose I'll have to get used to using this new profile as my permanant residence. I considered myself as a very productive member of the Deadliest Warrior online fan's community, so seeing something like this happen to me is a big disappointment.

Also the blog that I was working on prior, Sun Tzu vs. Alexander the Great, obviously is going to be seriously delayed, as I either need to get my previous profile back, or I have to start over from scratch, losing what I had.

I'll have more updates posted here once (or if) more details are revealed and is settled.

~Mr. Francavilla