Jazz - A Lousiana Kitchen (Plus Meet Our New Friend: Rich Berry)

March 4, 2010

Last night I had dinner at a fantastic restaurant called Jazz - A Lousiana Kitchen. I wrote about my experience on Yelp this morning and thought you may want to check it out. In my post, I describe some of my experiences touring through New Orleans. I’ve posted a screen shot including part of it below; to read it in its entirety, please visit atris.yelp.com.


In my review I mention how much I enjoyed the music of delta inspired acoustic blues artist, Rich Berry. But I focused more on the food and the restaurant itself with the hopes of providing more relevant information to potential patrons. I’d like to take a moment to highlight what Rich is doing here because his work is truly outstanding. There’s just something inherently genuine Rich’s music. And I think a part of that has to do with the history of the style itself. Wikipedia has a great entry on the origins which you can read here; but I’d lake to share one part in particular with you.


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