Venom Film Becomes a Reality

April 10, 2009

After the sacrilegious misuse of Venom in the last Spider-Man film -- a sin to fanboys akin to exhuming a body and using it as a Halloween decoration to normal people -- news has been released that a stand-alone Venom film is in the works. Sony is going to back this project in the hopes of atoning for its past transgressions.

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are the two screenwriters who've been hired to put this script together and wrote the script for Zombieland, a film that's still in production. Cinematical tells us this about the project:

Based only on the half-hour I spent talking movies with the screenwriters, I can say that IF there has to be a Venom movie, then these are the guys who can pull it off. They seem to understand the practical (studio) side of the project, the professional (screenwriter) perspective, and (best of all) the enthusiasm needed to make the movie cooool. They couldn't divulge ANY tidbits at all, sorry! But at this early point, I'm feeling a bit more optimistic about Venom.

Will fanboys be accepting of a film of Venom coming from the same studio that botched the character the first time around? Hopefully it's true that time heals all wounds, but it's certainly true that fans are still hungry for an in-depth look at the bloodthirsty symbiote.

Now, if Sam Raimi comes on to direct -- which seems highly unlikely -- expect a protest of comic book nerds at the front gates of Sony Studios.

And then there's the obvious question: if they build a movie for Venom, will Carnage come? It seems probable that they would at least introduce the character, and if that's the case, we might just have a kick ass movie on our hands.

Source: Columbia Pictures