Medellin Cartel vs Viet Cong

October 15, 2010

Beginning Assessment: Colombia's crime syndicate that grew the largest cocaine empire. Vietnam's jungle communists that won the war. Who. Is. DEADLIEST?

Medellin Cartel:

Long Range: M60 Machine Gun.

Medium Range: Mini Uzi.

Short Range: Machete.

Explosive: Car Bomb.

Viet Cong:

Long Range: MAT-49.

Medium Range: Tokarev TT-33.

Short Range: Bolo Knife.

Explosive: POMZ-2.


M60 vs MAT-49. Edge = MAT-49.

This was really close, but I gave the MAT-49 an edge because it doesn't jam as an M60 will.

Mini Uzi vs Tokarev. Edge = Mini Uzi.

The Uzi is a cool automatic weapon, that shoots at pistol range, and holds much more bullets then the Tokarev.

Machete vs Bolo. Edge = Even.

The Machete and Bolo Knife are very similar in length and shape, and will do the same to each person.

Car Bomb vs POMZ-2. Edge = Car Bomb.

Like the POMZ-2 because it is a large explosion from a mine, but nothing to the Car Bomb. The Car Bomb can take out blocks, which can hold all the Viet Cong.


One day, within the jungle, two men of the Viet Cong were sent in with bolo's to collect some produce. At that very second, on the other side of the jungle, two Cartel members were dispatched into it as well. They were to collect sugar cane to make their drugs. They neared eachother...

A twig snapped. The Viet Cong in the front pulled a tokarev out to make sure there were no problems to happen. The other pulled up his MAT-49. Meanwhile, after stepping on a twig, the Medellin Cartel member pulls out his uzi, thinking he heard rustling in the bushes. The other pulled out his uzi as well.

All of a sudden, the Viet Cong members jumped out and unleashed their bullets on the first Cartel. The other retreated, still shooting his uzi. He was able to take down the tokarev shooter. The Cartel was able to find his way out of the jungle, catching one of his comrads by suprise. The Cartel screams, "On the bike!"

Medellin Cartel: 5. Viet Cong: 5.

As the two Cartel members started up the bike, the MAT-49 shooter came out of the jungle riding an ATV. They engage on a wheel vs wheel battle where the uzi shooter on the bike killed the Viet. But the victory shortly lasted, when the ATV swirved and smashed into the bike. The bike flipped over, sending the two into the asphalt, going 85 miles per hour.

Medellin Cartel: 3. Viet Cong: 4.

The leader of the Cartel, with his two other henchmen, come out to see a smashed ATV and motorcycle, and three lifeless bodies. He looks at one, and sees that he is, was, a Viet Cong rebel. The leader, Escobar, pulls out a car bomb from under his jacket and sets it into the middle of his operations warehouse.

After setting it to explode after detonation, they hear shooting from outside. One of the henchmen grab an M60 and shoot outside a window where he was able to kill one before it jammed, "Damn!" the henchman blurted as he was fixing it. As he turned back, a tokarev narrowly missed him. He shot back and was able to get him in the neck.

Medellin Cartel: 3. Viet Cong: 2.

Escobar commanded his Cartel to the garage. Escobar got inside his nicest Jeep, and he started driving, deciding that he didn't have enough time for his Cartel.  One was able to jump in, but the other stepped right on a mine that exploded him in half, and pushed the Jeep with its force, but didn't kill. As the car turned around they see the two Viet Cong. Escobar pulled out his detonater, pressed the button, and half the warehouse blew up. Unfortunate for Escobar, only one of the Viet's died.

Medellin Cartel: 2. Viet Cong: 1.

"Holy SHIT!" the Viet Cong screamed, but was able to pull up his MAT-49 and killed Escobar's last henchman. Then Escobar made a very risky move. He reached behind his seat, and grabbed a machete. He drove the Jeep right into the Viet.

Escobar pushed open the door, still holding his machete. He pressed it against the Viet's neck. The Viet muttered, "Oh shit..." and in a second his neck was split open and was given a Colombian Necktie.

Medellin Cartel: 1. Viet Cong: 0.

Medellin Cartel: 564.

M60: 216.

Mini Uzi: 165.

Machete: 117.

Car Bomb: 66.

Viet Cong: 436.

MAT-49: 212.

Tokarev: 128.

Bolo: 61.

POMZ-2: 35.

Ending Assessment: The Colombian drug lords were superior with their greater organizing and machine guns in both medium and long range weapons (Mini Uzi, M60).

Best Weapon: The M60 was able to blast bullets with great killing power with 216 kills.

Worst Weapon: The POMZ-2 only was able to blast the Cartel 35 times.