Mantenna - Monday, June 29

June 29, 2009

Isabel Lucas is the hot new thing, Michael Jackson's last tour rehearsals filmed for a possible release, and will Michael Bay return for Transformers 3?'s the Mantenna!

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Isabel Lucas is the Hot New Thing

With Transformers raking in a huge amount of money over the weekend, a new starlet has officially been crowned. Yes, Megan Fox may still get the majority of attention, but Aussie actress Isabel Lucas is gaining a lot of her own. The 24-year-old was discovered on the set of The Pacific, Steven Spielberg’s follow-up to Band of Brothers. Spielberg suggested Lucas for a role in Transformers, and the rest is history. [Egotastic]

Kendra Gets Married

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett tied the knot at the Playboy Mansion, Kendra’s former home and current home of ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner. Hef was in attendance. The wedding was described as "emotional," "beautiful" and like "a fairy-tale." The bride was given away by her brother and wore a flowing white dress, hiding her baby bump.  The 300 guests dined on tempura shrimp, sushi, prime rib, and lobster tail. The happy couple are spending their honeymoon on a private, undisclosed tropical island. [E! Online]

Will Michael Bay Return for Transformers 3?

Now that Transformers 2 has made more money than the GDP of a handful of third world countries combined, Paramount wants to get Michael Bay to sign on the dotted line for part three ASAP. But Bay is apparently interested in a smaller movie he wants to make first titled Pain & Gain about a couple of steroid-using weightlifters who get into trouble with extortion. Furthermore, the writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci have packed schedules and don’t seem overwhelmingly interested in coming back for more transforming robots. Which leads to the inevitable question: Will Transformers 3 go down sans Bay, and if so, is that a good thing or a bad thing? [Slash Film]

Refund Details for Michael Jackson Concerts Still Sketchy


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More than 750,000 fans are waiting for details on ticket refunds for Jackson's doomed 50-night This is It concert extravaganza in London. British government's consumer protection board told fans Monday not to hold their breath because complex legal issues need to be worked out first. "The advice we're giving is that it may take a little while because it was quite a large ticket distribution," said Frank Shepherd, spokesman for Consumer Direct. "We're advising people to be a bit patient." In addition, he said ticket holders may not be able to reclaim fees paid to sellers, which in some cases reached $16 per ticket. The skirmishing over refunds is just one aspect of what is likely to be years of legal wrangling over financial matters, including Jackson's considerable debts, assets, and custody of his three children. [Breitbart]

Michael Jackson's Last Tour Rehearsals Filmed For Possible Release

According to reports, AEG Live, the promoter of the This Is It 50-date residency, recorded enough of Jackson's rehearsal material to release at least one live CD/DVD. The Wrap is reporting that Jackson's final rehearsal at the Staples Center on Wednesday was recorded in multi-camera, high-definition video and multi-track audio. The recording could be released as the singer's final album, according to unnamed sources close to the now scuttled tour. The recordings were made as part of a deal cut by AEG Live with Jackson, which included plans to produce a live album and DVD of the singer performing his greatest hits. If the reports are true, the recording could help AEG Live recoup some of the estimated tens of millions of dollars it is expected to lose as a result of Jackson's untimely death. A spokesperson for AEG Live could not be reached for comment at press time. [MTV]

Toyota Building Wheelchair Controlled By Brain Waves

Upping the ante in weird not-entirely-automotive gadgets coming from automakers (think Honda's robo-legs and GM's Segway PUMA), Toyota's built a wheelchair that can be powered by human thoughts. Victims of disease and injury confined to a wheelchair but without the ability to move are often at the will of others. This technology will, hopefully, allow these individuals to drive their wheelchair around using brainwaves read by what looks like a strange shower cap hooked up to an electroencephalograph scanner. The movement of the vehicle is fairly seamless -- but stopping is difficult. Users have to puff a cheek to actually bring the chair to a stop. [Daily Mail]

Steve Jobs back to work at Apple

Six months after Steve Jobs took a medical leave from Apple due to health reasons, the company has announced that he's back on the job, working a "few days a week" on the Apple campus and from home the remainder. Of course, we'd been hearing of Steve's continual involvement in "key aspects" of Apple's business for a while now, so this seems like more of a rubber stamp on the status quo than a major change, but now that it's official we're sure the questions from shareholders and other interested parties regarding Steve's health will only grow louder and more insistent -- especially given the news of his liver transplant earlier this year. [AOL]

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