Driving with a Bag of Weed in Your Car is Still Illegal in Oregon

June 11, 2010

Someone needs to tell University of Oregon star quarterback Jeremiah Masoli that acquiring drug-related arrests doesn’t make him seem “edgy” or “cool” to NFL general managers. It simply makes him appear slightly less intelligent than the 16-year-old kid working at Blockbuster who understands the value of keeping your weed in a sock drawer or ex-girlfriend’s spare purse.

Masoli, who was arrested for stealing laptops in January, had a run-in with the law earlier this week after highway patrol pulled him over and found marijuana inside his vehicle.

The once Heisman hopeful was cited for driving with a suspended license and possession of a controlled substance. Because when you're driving without a valid license the smart thing to do is carry drugs on you at all times.

Masoli has since been released by the team. You know, since the once thing you want to give a guy arrested for marijuana possession is a substantial amount of free time.

Photo: Steve Dykes/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images