Another Disney Star Poses Nude

November 10, 2008

Another Disney starlet is in trouble after naughty pictures of her were leaked on the internet. Adrienne Bailon is part of the girl group The Cheetah Girls, which started off as a Disney original TV movie and quickly morphed into a top selling tweener pop group. The photos show Adrienne wearing only a bra, posing seductively with her tush in the air. The hot photos were intended for her long time boyfriend Robert Kardashian, the younger brother of Kim Kardashian.

The 25 year-old singer joins a growing list of Disney stars caught nude. First it was High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens, whose naked photos for boyfriend Zac Effron were leaked after someone hacked into her cell. Later, personal photos of Miley Cyrus in a bra and underwear were leaked online.

Adrienne is preparing for a lawsuit, though she is not exactly sure who leaked the pictures. Last week Adrienne’s laptop was stolen from her luggage at JFK airport. The computer was later returned, after someone asked for a $1000 reward. The computer was returned and no questions were asked. Days later the photos were leaked.

Apparently Adrienne is “absolutely distraught.” Then again, she may just be following the Kardashian playbook on how to drum up some attention.




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