Helena Christensen Runs in the Nude

May 12, 2010

1990s supermodel Helena Christensen is back and looking sexier than ever. The 41-year-old has stripped off and posed naked in a controversial print ad for Reebok shoes. See it after the jump.

At first glance you'd hardly realize that this is a print commercial for Reebok shoes. Helena Christensen stands almost completely naked against a steel wall, leaning against a ladder. She looks amazing and the last thing you notice is she’s wearing shoes. Those shoes are a pair of Reebok EasyTone trainers. The specially curved shaped shoes are said to tone and sculpt the legs just from walking. Helena herself is a fan of the shoes. She said, “I could feel these working right away which is why I've stuck with them. Living in New York, I like to walk everywhere, so to have trainers that tone your legs and butt as you walk is fantastic.” She must do a staggering amount of walking to look as good as she does.

Source: Reebok

The Danish model says she still loves modeling and found the Reebok shoot “very inspiring” and that she was not fussed by posing in her birthday suit. On disrobing for the shoot she said, “I don't really think too much about, "OK, you're showing your body," because I'm a model and that's what you do.” Helena says she is still completely “challenged” by modeling, even after 20 years.

Helena hints that she may actually run in the nude, saying “I have no problems with showing my body. I’m Danish. Everyone’s naked on the beaches. We don’t really give a s**t.” People run on the beach, right? Anyone for a trip to Denmark?

Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images