Exclusive Interview with Aubrey O'Day

February 13, 2009

Aubrey O’Day doesn’t have anything to hide. The former singer from Danity Kane has had her life play out on the reality TV, is the subject of intense paparazzi interest and a fixture on celebrity blogs. Last year she was unceremoniously fired from the girl group by P. Diddy. Currently she is baring all in the March issue of Playboy magazine. We recently chatted to Aubrey about her Playboy shoot, pornography, the future of Danity Kane, and her friendship with Jenna Jameson. She also revealed some interesting homespun sex advice...

Source: Source: Steve Mack / FilmMagic / Getty Image

What’s the worst thing you’ve seen written about you?

I think most of the things written about me are pretty bad. How do I handle it? I don’t pay attention to it. I don’t allow it to affect what I’m trying to do.

What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve done in public?

Putting my life on Making the Band.

Anything on the show you are embarrassed about?

I don’t really get embarrassed about my life. I mean, it is what it is. I do what I do. If I lived my life regretting everything I did, I wouldn’t be very happy.

You recently posed for Playboy. What was the experience like?

It was amazing. I shot with a great photographer, Markus Klinko. Hef took me out for my birthday last night with his girlfriends and few of the girls from the house. We had a really fun time. I thought Hef was great. I think the organization itself is one big family and it’s nice to be a part of that. Playboy is obviously an iconic magazine with iconic women... on the cover. I’m really privileged to be part of that.

Were you nervous about exposing yourself to the world?

No, not really.  My spread is partial nudity. I was comfortable with the amount of nudity that I have in it. Markus made me feel really comfortable. It was very liberating. For someone who never felt like that girl, I definitely was able to go a place I have never gone in life. It gave me more power as a woman.

I’m pretty comfortable with being naked in my house and with people I feel comfortable with, and I was pretty comfortable with everyone on the set. I did it slowly. The first couple shots I had clothes on. Then one little thing came off, then another little thing.

How did you and Jenna Jameson become friends?

We met in Vienna when we went to walk the red carpet at the Life Ball. A mutual friend said we’d get along and they were right.

On their friendship...

We mostly talk. I usually come to her. She’s more like family. I come to her when I’m going through something and need advice. I think it very hard to find people in this industry that are real and aren’t trying to get something for you or make you into something that benefits them, and she’s never really done that with me. [She’s] always honest and gives me the courage when I need it.

I read you love porn. Is it true, and if so, why?

I’ve watched porn before. Of course I enjoy it. It’s porn. How could you say you don’t enjoy it?

Are you alright with your boyfriend looking at porn?

Yes. But I keep my men pretty entertained. I don’t think they’d have time for that.

What do you look for in the men you date?

Nothing really physical. I love eyes. That would be something physical. [I like] mostly mental stuff. I love personality, love someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. I love someone that’s constantly trying to find fun in life or make fun out of bad situations, because that’s what we go through constantly.

What’s the worst pick up line you’ve ever heard?

I don’t, I never get hit on.

That’s incredible...

I know. That's the main question I get asked on my Playboy interview round right now. I couldn’t really answer that. Some of my friends tell me it’s because they [men] are intimated with me. I come with a lot. I have this career. I’m constantly travelling. There is a perception… that the internet is glorified and my past job (on Making the Band) didn’t help. I think that when that’s the perception, it is hard to hear your girlfriend is this or that, or dating this guy or that guy. That stuff isn’t true. There’s nothing I can really do about it. It’s going to take a man with thick skin to handle me.

What are groupies for female musicians like?

There are male groupies – gay boys. I was on a show with a girl group and a boy group. The boys just have groupies. I finally understood what that meant. I never saw we had groupies. We had a lot of young girls who really looked up to us, people who enjoyed us like older women. The gay boys, who always came out in numbers and showed us love. I suppose that’s that closest we had to people who were obsessively in love with us. Other that that, no. There are definitely no hot, cute boys holding your picture and begging for an autograph.

What are the chances you’ll be back in Danity Kane this year?

I think they announced Danity Kane is over. I never like to say definitive things because you never know what’s going to happen in your future. It’s been a sad time, a sad experience the way everything played out. I’m trying to stay positive and keep positive. To stay around the people who keep me positive and that’s not that situation.

What’s one bit of advice you’d like to share with all men?

I would say men pay too much attention to the way they are in bed, penis size, how they please their women and things like that. Honestly, for most women sex is usually more emotional than anything. The best way to be the man that gives your woman amazing sex is to make her feel like she’s the most amazing thing to you. And you don’t have to do that with a big penis, good moves or a waxed chest.


Photos from Aubrey's Playboy pictorial.