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Flip Facts: Jacked By Thieves

by TheFlipMen   August 13, 2012 at 4:00PM  |  Views: 1,785
Exterior Before:

One of the biggest problems with the exterior of this home is the yard space is used poorly. The zigzag picket fence makes the yard appear much smaller than it actually is. Another issue is the overgrown trees that make it extremely difficult to see the house. If a buyer cannot see the home, the desired curb appeal is lost.

Besides the wasted space and overall trashy appearance, the roof, windows, and paint were all bad. An existing one car garage on the side of the home was previously converted to living space. In our time in the business, we have yet to see a proper conversion. Many property owners think that they are improving the property value with this type of conversion but they are sorely mistaken. The goal here was to create a bed room, in the end it just feels like a bed room set up in a garage with no heating or ventilation.

Exterior After:

The ugly zigzag fence and trees were removed to create a more open and inviting space. The front yard was resodded and a sprinkler system was included. Bark, small trees, and shrubs add a little hype to the landscaping.

The windows were replaced and white shutters were added. Neutral exterior paint colors were chosen to complement the soffit, fascia, and new front door.

The garage was converted back into a functional one car garage which can be used for parking, storage, or a workspace.

Kitchen Before:

Notice the gaping hole in the kitchen ceiling. The previous owners actually cut a hole in the ceiling to create additional storage space in the rafters. This space was full of junk that needed to be removed.

The cabinets were in dismal shape and had extensive water and mold damage. A complete kitchen tear out was needed to resolve these issues. Despite the problems, kitchen's design was fairly effective making good use of the space and some of the original design was maintained.

Kitchen After:

Toffee stained, Franklin Style cabinets from Solid Cabinets were installed in the kitchen. The tiered cabinets are a simple design feature; by elevating the center cabinet four inches above the upper bridge cabinets costs nothing and creates a nice effect. The chosen cabinetry provided space for a nice refrigerator and microwave while the use of black appliances creates a nice contrast.

Granite countertops with a slate or tile backsplashes are a trick of our trade. The backsplash is very inexpensive and compliments the granite nicely. Overall it creates a nice finish in the kitchen.

Pendant and can lighting were added to the kitchen adding to the comfortable feel. The window was sealed off and the walls were painted white with a Glidden "Granite Grey" accent wall. Pergo flooring from the Wood Floor Warehouse was installed in the kitchen and dining area.

Living Room Before:

Walls and carpeting that are badly decayed due to water and mold damage are never big selling points for buyers. Old and dingy wood paneling was used throughout the home. Sometimes you can get away with painting over wood paneling but it wasn't an option in this home because the paneling had warped and was pulling away from the walls.

All the walls, ceilings and carpeting needed to be completely removed and replaced. The closet in the living room also was problematic, with inconvenient access and a door that appears to have been kicked in.

Living Room After:

The closet was redesigned, moving the door making the space more accessible. The walls were torn out and replaced. The same color scheme was used in the living room to compliment the adjacent kitchen. Shaw "Limestone" carpeting was used for its clean and neutral appearance.

The importance of staging a home can never be overstated. When a home is properly staged, the buyer can come in and sit down. When they start to envision themselves making memories in that home you have an actively interested buyer.

The Staging Company provided the staging furniture and decorations.

Bedroom Before:

More nasty wood paneling was also found in the bedroom along with moldy, water damaged carpet. One of the major concerns with this room is that the people who lived here previously did NOT value their privacy.

Usually homes with open floor plans are more attractive to buyers and sell much quicker; not the case in this scenario. In addition to the complete lack of privacy in the master bathroom, a utility room existed behind the wood paneling taking a lot of the available space in the room. Due to limited space it could only be plumbed for a toilet and sink.

Bedroom After:

The room was redesigned to completely eliminate the utility room. Additional square footage was created by moving the furnace from this room to the attic. With the additional space a shower was added to the master bathroom making this room much more appealing to potential buyers.A wall and door were added to create much needed privacy to make this room work. The walls were painted to be consistent with the white and "Granite Grey" accent walls throughout the home. These wall colors create a clean and bright feeling in the room.

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