Battle With The Jersey Boys

May 20, 2012
Bada bing bada boom! Ton and Allen wrapped up their stay in the Garden State this week, and what a stay it was: New Jersey was packed full of loudmouths, rich boys, and plenty of storage units filled with goodies. The question remained, however, were Ton and Allen tough enough to beat the wise guys and big shots there? Let's find out:


Sold For: $5,500

Ton and Allen loooooove antique items, so it's no wonder they were excited when they opened up the "Antique Unit." It's always a good sign when things are covered with dust, so they started off with uncovering an antique desk and an old sewing machine. When Allen peeped a big ol' red tire he knew they were on a hot trail to something big, and boy was he was right. A vintage carriage is what the Auction Hunters dragged out of the unit, and for an aged, dusty item, it was in great shape. Overjoyed, Ton and Allen met up with Jerry, an authority when it came to antique carriages and someone who the boys thought definitely had the wallet to take this off their hands. After a little "what's it gonna take to get you into this coach" talk from Allen, they parted ways from Jerry and strolled out of beautiful Central Park with $5,500 in their hands. What a Cinderella story.

New Jersey's tough guys may have made the auction seem a bit intimidating at first, but Ton and Allen definitely came out on top this week: they dropped $1,502 on two storage units, sold their finds for $9,860, and left $8,358 richer. We'll see you one day again soon, New Jersey!

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