RedEye Turns Your iPhone into a Universal Remote Control

December 2, 2009

Since the its debut in 2007, the iPhone has gone from a feature-packed cell phone/media player device to something that is starting to resemble the communicators from Star Trek, thanks in no small part to the app-developing community and their clever uses of the phone's various hardware capabilities.  And now with ThinkFood's RedEye app going on sale today, we can add true universal remote-controlling to the "There's an App for that!" list. The app employs the use of an iPhone dock which takes WiFi signals from the phone and sends out remote control-style IR signals to your home theater components.

And since the iPhone/iPod Touch uses a touch screen, the button layout and corresponding commands can be easily customized to tailor the interface to your exact needs. You also get the ability to set one-button macro commands, instructing the device to perform multiple functions with a single button press, such as turning on all the components and setting the TV input to your Blu-ray player, etc.

However, at an eyebrow-raising $188, this might not be for everyone. Unless of course you've been shopping for a high-end universal remote and already know they can easily reach well into the $300-$500 range. Still, for software and a plastic docking cradle, it does seem a bit steep.


Source: RedEye