You May Be Able to Control Your Phone By Kicking It

September 7, 2011

Not having enough hands to operate a cell phone, along with all the other daily obstacles of our busy Lives, is incredibly annoying. Sometimes it seems that cell phones should come with an extra arm that can help us operate the thing during our hectic day.

Science has once again found a way to not only make operating cell phones easier and more efficient, but also more fun. That's because the newest advancement in operational technology doesn't even involve your hands. It uses another appendage that you never thought could be used to operate your phone (don't worry ladies, you'll still be able to use this new technology too).

Researchers at the University of Bristol in the U.K. and the University of Manitoba in Canada have developed a method of motion controls that could allow cell phone and electronic notepad users to operate their interface with their feet. So far, the technology isn't portable enough to be used in the field but the study was able to make some interesting and efficient advancements with nothing more than an Xbox Kinect sensor and a couple of portable phones and tablets. The goal is to implement this new technology to make it completely portable, which could be possible by putting accelerometers in the feet that can be paired with your mobile device.

Source: New Scientist