Mantenna - Monday, January 11

January 11, 2010

Katy Perry might be pregnant, G-Unit's Lloyd Banks gets arrested for assault, and Lindsay Lohan's father gets ready to rumble....the Mantenna just called to say it loved you.

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Katy Perry May Be Pregnant

The internet is abuzz with speculation that Katy Perry may be pregnant. The rumor mill went into overdrive after the "I Kissed a Girl" pop star tweeted, “Hey @rustyrockets i heard ur prego-ed.” Perry recently got engaged to British funnyman Russell Brand (a.k.a. rustyrockets) and numerous media outlets are saying the tweet means she is with child and that the two may be rushing to the altar because Katy is expecting.  Hmmm, does mean Perry’s breasts will get even bigger? [The Superficial]

Mel Gibson Defends Tiger Woods

Mel Gibson, a man who knows how to survive a celebrity scandal or two, has come out and defended Tiger Woods. The movie star says the media has blown the whole thing out of proportions. He tells Britain's Mail on Sunday's Live magazine, "I feel sorry for Tiger Woods. Why are we talking about this when we're sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan? ... He's being used as a diversion, and it just drives me crazy." Gibson goes on to say that “nobody is without sin” and that Tiger needs to deal with it “like a man” and accept his own “own culpability.” [People]

Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts are Together Again

Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts got along so dang well during the making of Charlie Wilson’s War that Hanks has written a movie for his onscreen lover to co-star with him in. He’s also going to direct, which will be the first time he’s directed something since he made That Thing You Do! In 1996. Is this the beginning of a beautiful relationship? Looks like it. [First Showing]

Jonah Hex Gets Reshoots

Now that Jonah Hex is going to be released on June 18th of this year – prime summer blockbuster season – the people at Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are putting Megan Fox, Josh Brolin, and the rest of the gang back together again to do some reshoots. Looks like they want to make their movie a little more slick now that people are actually going to, you know, go to it. There are 12 new pages of material to shoot, which they’re going to do in about 10 days. Hopefully this is a promising sign that Hex is going to be even awesomer than we expected. [Heat Vision Blog]

G-Unit's Lloyd Banks Arrested For Assault, Robbery


Source: Source:Peter Kramer/Getty Images

G-Unit's Lloyd Banks was arrested last weekend in Ontario, Canada after allegedly assaulting and robbing a local promoter. According to reports, Banks and three others assaulted the promoter after the rapper performed at Club NV in Brantford earlier that evening. Banks supposedly got into a dispute with the promoter at a local hotel over payment for the performance and an appearance fee. All four men were charged with forceful confinement, aggravated assault, and robbery. The four made a video court appearance on Sunday afternoon and are due to appear in court again early this week. The four men remained in police custody at press time. [Google]

Lindsay Lohan's Father Gets Ready to Rumble

In lieu of a sex tape or gainful employment, the man who knocked up Lindsay Lohan's mother is strapping on the gloves for a "celebrity" boxing match in Essington, Pennsylvania this weekend. So, sports fans, if you have a spare couple dollars and nothing to do this Saturday, head on down to the Airport Ramada Inn for some comical fighting and/or a chance to realize that maybe your parents could have been worse… Much, much worse. [Radar Online]

Netflix Streaming Coming to the Nintendo Wii?

The eventuality of Netflix becoming available on a Nintendo console has left the world of "if" and seems headed for "when." According to Engadget, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings described chances of the company's movie streaming service "getting on Nintendo" as "excellent." Netflix has been singing the same song since last October, when PS3's Netflix streaming was announced. If there is anything "iffy" about Netflix streaming for a Nintendo console, it revolves around whether the service will be available for the current Wii console, or any possibly far-fetched followups. [Engadget]

Facebook Employee Says Site Had Universal Password

In an interview with an anonymous Facebook employee, the individual in question spilled the beans about the inner workings of the website, and just how secure your personal information really is. One of the juiciest tidbits is that there was once a universal password that let them log in as anyone. The password was Chuck Norris. Seriously. To be fair, the password only worked from within the Facebook offices, so you couldn't just check out anyone's profile from anywhere if you knew about it. However, employees still have access to all sorts of info about any user, including what profiles you view and any information you have since deleted. Total lack of privacy, FTW! [The Rumpus]

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