Jay Reatard Punches a Fan On Stage

April 18, 2008



Wild Memphis metalhead Jay Reatard played a show on Thursday at the Big Smoke in Toronto to support his series of seven-inches for Matador and during the fourth song, he unplugged his guitar, yelled, “I’m done” into the microphone and left the stage.

Some overexcited and/or drunken spectator jumped on stage bumping into Jay, who then grabbed the guy, punched him and began to tear his shirt off. When the band kicked into “It’s So Easy,” the endless mic bumping by the ravenous front row caused Jay to pack it in and make a bee-line for the exit.

There were a number of events during the show that lead to Jay leaving, one of which was Jay cold-cocking an unsuspecting fan who bumped into his mic stand.

Here's Mr. Reatard's side of the story.