Mantenna - Monday, February 22

February 22, 2010

Lindsay Lohan admits that drug addiction nearly killed her, Anne Hathaway summons her inner Bruce Lee, and Travis Barker's paparazzi fight gets caught on tape...yo quiero Mantenna!

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Lindsay Lohan Admits Drug Addiction Nearly Killed Her

In a new interview with a British newspaper, Lindsay Lohan has confessed to having a drug problem. The troubled actress told The Sun newspaper, “I tried to mask my problems with alcohol, cocaine, and mind-altering substances. Now I'm in a place where I don't need to use anything and I can feel emotions because I choose to.” Lindsay says she hopes young people can learn from her mistakes and not turn to drugs and alcohol to solve their problems. [The Sun]

TV’s Boner is Missing

Andrew Koenig, the actor who played Boner on the television series Growing Pains, is missing. The 41-year-old actor was last seen in Vancouver, Canada on February 14th and failed to board his airplane back to the U.S. on February 16th. According to his family (father Walter is best known as the original Chekov in Star Trek) the actor was “suffering depression at the time of his disappearance.” Anyone who has seen Andrew since February 14th or has any other helpful information is urged to contact the Vancouver authorities at 604-717-2967 and refer to case #202029519. [USA Today]

Anne Hathaway Summons Her Inner Bruce Lee

Stephen Chow has been busy for awhile on a movie he left The Green Hornet to make. As of now it’s rumored the movie is called Tai Chi, and that it’s going to star Jack Black and Anne Hathaway. Word on the street is that Tai Chi is going to be a kind of remake of Way of the Dragon. Why Jack Black would be attached to this is anyone’s guess, but at least with Anne Hathaway in it there will be some eye candy. [/Film]

Ian McShane On Stranger Tides

Ian McShane, the man who both chilled our souls and made us laugh uproariously in HBO’s Deadwood as Al Swearengen, is jumping on board the newest Pirates of the Caribbean sequel, On Stranger Tides. He will share the screen with Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz. It’s about time people started to appreciate this frighteningly talented British actor. McShane is going to play Blackbeard, also known as Edward Teach, and he’ll even have his own ship, to boot: the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Ahoy! Or whatever. [Hollywood Reporter]

CollegeHumor Imagines Back to the Future Sex Scenes

Have you ever watched Back to the Future and wondered what would happen if Marty had not only gotten romantic with the younger version of his mother, but also ended up having "relations" with her? Well, neither have we. But the folks over at CollegeHumor have and the result is surprisingly funny, if totally wrong and kind of creepy. Don't say we didn't warn you. [CollegeHumor]

Travis Barker Paparazzi Fight Caught On Tape


Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Travis Barker got into a heated fight with paparazzi yesterday in Calabasas, California and TMZ has video of all the drama. It’s being reported that Barker or one of his homies apparently slashed a TMZ photographers' tire. Police officers eventually arrived on the scene, but no arrests were made. Early this morning, Barker took to his Twitter to justify his action. "When i defend myself/my kids that don't make me a tough guy," Barker tweeted. "I was outnumbered and threatened so i did what any man would." Good for him. [TMZ]

LaDainian Tomlinson Brings Speed, Strength and Grit to the Unemployment Line

After a storybook career in Southern California, the San Diego Chargers released running back LaDainian Tomlinson earlier today. While most pundits with actual knowledge of the situation believe the move was done in order to save the Chargers some money and stay under the salary cap, various crackpot theorists (a.k.a. sources) claim it may have something to do with Tomlinson's poor performance in his electric slide video and questionable pre-game wardrobe choices. [ESPN]

Crazy MILF Sought in Playstation Network Seduction Case

Cops in Oklahoma City are looking for a 43-year-old woman who they say met a 14-year-old boy in PlayStation Home and jumped his bones. Authorities say the woman, Annamay Alexander of Deltona, Florida, met this boy via the PSN and sent him some suggestive messages, including some revealing pictures. In early January she drove up to Oklahoma City to seal the deal. Alexander, who is a married mother of three, referred to herself as the boy's wife and left subtle messages such as: "My body is yours to do whatever you want with," and "I love you and we are going to get married." The victim then confessed to having a sexual relationship with her and is said to be suicidal now. Alexander is looking at stalking and statutory rape charges but is still at large (and a total nutjob). [KOCO]

School Spying Scandal Gets Even More Bizarre

The story behind the recent school webcam spying debacle continues, now that an even stranger twist has surfaced. The student in question, who was being monitored by school authorities without his knowledge via webcam by a school's laptop he was borrowing to use at home, was originally disciplined for an "improper act." He was apparently accused of either drug use or drug selling. But as it turns out, he was actually eating Mike & Ike candy, not popping pills. Stay tuned, as this is definitely going to get ugly. [Techdirt]

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