Deadliest Warrior Season 3 Idea-Mughal vs. Song Warrior

August 7, 2010

The Mughals were fierce elephant riders of older times, and had many an intricate weapon. The Song warriors were part of an army that protected itself for two hundred years.

First, the Mughals had a sword rocket. How cool is that? Go to for more on the Indian warrior's explosive.

The sword not only served as a guidance stick, but would slice an opponent as it began to twirl around at the end of its journey and slice an enemy to meat cubes. That way, if the explosion didn't get you, the sword most certainly would.

Next, there's the Chinese fire lance. It is considered to be the world's first gun or sucessful use of gunpowder.

The thing was a four in one grapeshot, lance, explosive and flamethrower. Gunpowder fueled the flamethrower, and shrapnel would be thrown in the barrel. This led to maximum damage when it propelled itself towards the enemy.

The Mughal also had war elephants. They were trained to pick enemies up by the spike that was embedded in their trunk. The elephants were also very well armoured with a comination of plate and mail armour. This large suit had emphasis around the vitals, where the animal had reinforced ties.

The elephant played a key role to many Indian victories. Perhaps even more gruesome, however, was when a victim was ordered to be excecuted by the elephant. The beast would squeeze the life out of the person with his foot.

The Song dynasty also had one incidence where it used animals to win a battle...but in a very cruel way. They took monkeys,set fire to them, and released them into the enemy camp. Pandemonium ensued.

However, it seems Deadliest Warrior, (and I, personally) wwould not want to see any aminals come to harm, so the Song will have to have another weapon up their sleeves.

The next Mughal weapon was a curved sabre, the shamshir.

The word itself means, "Curved like a tiger's nail", and had what was said to be a, "perfect curve".

The Song warriors strike back with their own slighlty curved sword.

I believe that this particular one was called the shoudao, a variation of the dao blade.

The Mughals brought the musket to India, and became proficient with it.

As the long range weapon for the Chinese, they would often use the crossbow. In fact, the Song were so proficient with their crossbows that they had an entirely special seperate place for the crossbowmen of this ancient Chinese regiment.

Crossbowmen were early snipers of their time, picking off enemies from hundreds of yards away. As the Song's trump card, there existed a battle where the Song took on war elephants...and annihilated them with their crossbows!

When the Indians got in close, they liked to use a curved dagger which they named the khanjar.

Many countries around the middle east also used the khanjar in their arsenal, but the Mughal experimented with blades and tried to find ways to improve them. The double edged khanjar that they used was a more elite form of the previous one.

The Song had a much larger weapon with short reach; the knife chariot.


It seems that a person or two would push this large weapon into the enemy. Fortunately, this is a squad on squad match with manpower to spare.

I want to include one more weapon for the Song's side, just for interests' sake (and to even out the fact that the Mughals got the tusk spear as a weapon). The final weapon that we;ll be looking at it the Song's Ji Halberd. This mid ranged weapon took on many shapes.

The halberd was a very effective weapon in the Song's array of weapons.

And, to wrap things up, let's take a last look at armour. The Mughal suit was very similar to the one used by the Rajput. They both had great design in terms of protection.

The next picture should give you a taste for what the Song's armour will look like. It seems that they are very well covered.


Well, that's all for today. The winner? Well, it all depends on who has the more effective rocket and whether or not the weapons that are used by the Song can penetrate the armour of the Mughal and his elephant. I'm sure the crosbow can do the job, though. All in all, the edge does go to the Mughals. They were 400 years ahead of the Chinese, despite the Song's technological advancement.

Check my profile soon for the next matchup; Saladin vs. Hannibal.


 This battle begins in a forest at autumn. The leaves are orange and red, and they constantly fall with any autumn wind that may come about. Five large elephants are seen crossing a bridge. A Song warrior perched atop a tree lying on his belly on a protruding branch takes aim at one of the incoming warrior’s heads and releases the bolt. It flies straight into his cranium. The remainder of the Indian warriors fire off their muskets in the general direction of the Song Warrior. He tries to escape, and successfully manages to do so, despite bullets being fired off in all directions.

 One of the Chinese warriors is seperated from his comrades, flanking the Mughals on the bridge. He sneaks up behind a Mughal and knocks him to the ground off of his animal with his Ji Halberd. He then kills him with a swing and a stab. His presence does not go unnoticed for long as the Mughals turn around and shoot the courageous warrior to death. While they are distracted, rockets fly come from the enemy side. One of the Chinese fire lances stabs a few centimetres into the Mughal. This does not kill him, but as he tries to extract the lance with the sizzling fuse on it, it is blown up and he falls off his elephant. The remaining Mughals try to hurry up into Song territory. A stray elephant goes crazy and impales the spear imbedded in his trunk in everything he sees. After killing a Song warrior, he then calms down and runs off, away from the battle.

 One Mughal turns back to where he came from, and it appears that he is retreating. The other Mughal dismounts. Then, rockets fly off, coming from the Mughal’s side. Around twenty of the explosives try to get the Song warriors, who are travelling on foot. They all either run behind trees or plant themselves into the ground, covering their ears. There is a final midair explosion and the Chinese warriors breathe a sigh of relief as the threat is over. Then, a sword falls from the sky and impales a Song warrior. A rainstorm of swords follow. The Song warriors try to circumnavigate their way around the falling blades.

 One Song warrior, that same sniper, runs under the bridge for cover. The other Song warrior takes a knife chariot and wheels it to the bridge to try to block the incoming enemy’s path. Then, the Song warrior below the bridge begins to cut the bridge's support furiously with his dao blade. The Chinese sword cuts the supporting beams of wood clean through with a single slice. A single Mughal warrior steps onto the bridge. He feels it shake a bit, but gives it no notice as his mind is on the Asian warrior across the bridge. Then, the bridge collapses to one side as all the beams on one side are cut, and it appears to have killed the Indian on top and the Chinese below. It seemed to the other Song warrior that his comrade had valiantly given his life in order to defend against the enemy. Apparently, this was not the case as the Mughal was only disoriented from the drop, and the Song warrior jumped out of the way off the falling bridge. However, the Mughal may have bruised his back quite a bit as he lay on the ground, non-moving. Then, thanks to the sloping of the bridge, the knife chariot rolled down the fallen bridge and rammed into the lying Mughal. It certainly hurt, but he was still on the ground, moving his arms about in an effort to see whether or not he was still alive. The Song warrior then came up to the Indian and began to bring his shoudao down on the foe in what seemed to be an easy kill. However, in the blink of an eye, with the last bit of his strength, the fallen Mughal warrior performed an incredibly fast quick draw and killed the enemy.

 Now there were two warriors left, one on each side. The Song warrior peered into the crevasse where the bridge used to cover to see if his friend needed any help. Then, he felt several stabs from a short knife and was kicked into the pit. The Mughal looked at his blood soaked khanjar, shrugged, and walked away.



Song Warrior


Sword Rocket-186


Chinese Fire Lance-152


Elephant Spear-73


Ji Halberd- 100




Knife Chariot- 6










Total Kills-513


Total Kills- 487