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Frankie Noots' Crew

by MariShapiro   June 09, 2010 at 3:56PM  |  Views: 479

Meet the guys.

Frankie Noots

Among Brooklyn scrappers, Frankie is the “Don of Scrap.” He knows metal like a hunter knows his prey – where it can be found, what it’s made of, and most importantly, what it’s worth in the ever shifting scrap metal market. Frankie’s “Mr. Connected” in Brooklyn scrapping – if metal is moving, he knows about it.  He also knows how to size up a job and work the angles so that he and his crew can achieve the most with the least effort.  A third generation scrapper, Frankie says he has metal in his blood.  He even ran the scrap yard that his grandfather owned, and hoped some day to make it his own -- but the yard got sold before he could fulfill his dream.  So now he devotes all his energy to building up enough business to open a scrap yard of his own.  Frankie is a sharp businessman, but he also has a tendency to let his pride get the better of him.  To him, nothing’s more important than respect and loyalty – which is sometimes a problem.  He can pick a fight with anyone, even a business prospect, and he’s been known to cut off his nose to spite his face - like the time he refused to do a job for a deli owner because he claimed the guy put too much oregano in his sauce.


Darren is Frankie’s number one worker – even though he frequently tries Frankie’s patience.  He is often late, usually for a variety of reasons – including dropping his cell phone in a toilet at Hooters.  He is trying hard to learn how to be a good scrapper, and Frankie is trying hard to teach him – although the lessons may sound like verbal abuse to the casual listener.  The one thing Frankie loves about Darren is his loyalty – he would do anything for Frank, and would rather die than let Frankie down.  To Darren, Frankie is a father figure to whom he turns for advice and knowledge.  But Darren is prone to goofups, and his mind is frequently on other things – especially his upcoming marriage, which is putting a lot of pressure on him, financially and otherwise.  While he finds it a struggle to learn the ways of scrap, Darren has a real talent when it comes to cars and engines, and he’s always got his eye out for a scrap taillight or engine part he can use in a car he’s rebuilding.

Joe Posa

An old neighborhood pal of Frankie’s, Joe is the business/sales part of Frankie’s team – and key to Frankie’s dream of getting his own scrap yard.  Frankie knows he needs to grow the business if he’s ever going to realize his dream of his own scrap yard, and Posa is the man who knows how to find business – or as Posa puts it, “I know how to make that cheese.”   A born negotiator and hustler, Posa finds himself frequently in the position of mediator between Frankie and the customer – especially when Frankie picks a fight.  Posa is new to the scrap business and is the first to admit he doesn’t know much about metal – yet – but he’s learning the ropes and he’s scrappy enough to stand up to Frankie and make him see reason when Frankie’s pride threatens to torpedo a deal.


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