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Down to Business Recap

by spike.com   September 25, 2008 at 10:33AM  |  Views: 61

The action continued last night on The Ultimate Fighter as the last fights to get into the house exploded in the Octagon. But one worthy fighter was almost denied entrance.

Check out an exclusive extended scene of the controversial split decision after the jump.

image In his match with Karn Grigoryan, Eliot Marshall appeared to be the clear victor in the eyes of Frank Mir and Dana White, but the judges didn't agree. A split decision in favor of Grigoryan shocked the training center and seemed to be the end of Marshall.

But justice was served for Marshall at the expense of Antwain Britt who was forced to leave due to a hand injury sustained during his victory last week. With Britt out, Dana and the coaches invited Marshall to the house

image Also winning his a spot in the house was enthusiastic John Polakowski. During the first round Polakowski's opponent Wes Murch injured his right shin. Murch showed heart and started the second round but quickly had to surrender, unable to stand on the leg.

An excited Polakowski went on a hugging spree that charmed Nogueira and creeped out Mir.
image In a fight Dana White described as "The Battle of the Bean Poles" George Roop defeated Roli Delgado and caught the eye of Frank Mir. During the match Roop responded immediately to Mir's corner coaching. Quote Mir, "The guy was in the middle of a fight and I was coaching him and he was listening to me. Imagine what I could do if I could get him on my team and work with him in practice."
image Tom Lawlor blew apart Ryan Lopez in under a minute to earn his spot in the house. Lopez opened the match with a kick that Lawlor used to get a quick takedown. A little ground play resulted in a rear naked choke by Lawlor who won the match in 41 seconds.
Other winners of the night included Shane Primm, Efrain Escudero, Shane Nelson and Karn Grigoryan. So the 16 have fought their way in. Now it's time to see who will earn the right to call himself The Ultimate Fighter.