Mantenna - Wednesday, January 27

January 27, 2010

Michael Douglas’ son pleads guilty to dealing drugs, Khloe Kardashian is a really big fan of Barack Obama, and Pete Doherty gets fined for carrying heroin into a courtroom...the Mantenna goes to 11!

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Michael Douglas’ Son Pleads Guilty

The 31-year-old troubled son of actor Michael Douglas has pleaded guilty to dealing large quantities of methamphetamine and cocaine. Cameron Douglas told a judge that he first began dealing in 2006 and knew what he was doing was wrong. He was arrested in July 2009 after mailing 215 grams of methamphetamine to a government informant. Prosecutors say Douglas signed a plea agreement, but no details were disclosed. Douglas faces a minimum 10-year prison term and will be sentenced April 27th. [NY Daily News]

Heidi Montag’s Precious Mother’s Day Gift

Ms. Plastic-face Heidi Montag is set to give her a mother a “mommy make-over” for Mother’s Day. The reality television star, who’s been in the news for her extreme plastic surgery make-over, says her mother was supportive of her decision to undergo the surgeon’s knife. Montag says her new look inspired her Mom, who now wants to get some work done. Heidi tells Nightline, “Actually, she was excited for me and she’s asking me … for her surgery next. So for Mother’s Day, I have to ask [surgeon] Dr. Frank Ryan if he’ll do the mommy makeover.” Now Heidi will once again look like she’s her mother’s daughter. [US Magazine]

1906 Will Remain in the Past

Director Brad Bird, the hot-shot director from Pixar who made The Incredibles and Ratatouille, has been working for years on a passion project called 1906. It would be a live-action movie about the earthquake of 1906 that leveled San Francisco. In the wake of the earthquake that leveled Haiti, and due to the fact that Bird’s film would cost an estimated $200 million, it’s looking unlikely that this movie will ever see the light of day. Time to get busy with Incredibles 2, Mr. Bird! [Blue Sky Disney]

George Lucas is All About Fairies

That’s right. The king of Star Wars has a new project lined up and it’s about -- you guessed it -- fairies. There’s not much else to say about his next feature at this point, other than it’s going to be animated CGI, and that it’s going to be…a musical. That’s right, a musical. Kevin Munroe, who recently finished production on his live-action film Dead of Night, will direct the film. Should Lucas stick with Star Wars? Maybe. But in the meantime he’s going to kick it with musical fairies. [Heat Vision Blog]

Pete Doherty Fined for Carrying Heroin Into a Courtroom


Source: Samuel Dietz/Getty Images

Classy English rock star Pete Doherty has been ordered to pay a fine after he was caught carrying heroin into a U.K. court last December. Doherty was frisked by guards on his way into Gloucester Crown Court for sentencing over a series of driving offences when small packet fell out of his coat. Doherty's lawyer argued at Gloucester Magistrates' Court today that Doherty had forgotten the 13 wraps of heroin were in the jacket, but the judge branded it a "stupid" move. District Judge Joti Boparai told Doherty, "Either this was sheer stupidity or a ploy to get more publicity." Doherty was only ordered to pay $1,200. Idiot. [Canoe]

Khloe Kardashian Tells Brack Obama She's a "Really Big" Fan

During the Los Angeles Lakers' trip to the White House (you know, for winning the NBA championship), Lamar Odom's 270-pound offseason addition told the leader of the free world how much she admired him, while making an unintentional joke about her weight. For those keeping score at home, Kim Kardashian (her sister and amateur filmmaker) has a chance to be the second consecutive cast member of that family to bang a dude just after winning the title in next week's Super Bowl. [TMZ]

Toyota Forced to Halt Sales of Eight Models by U.S. Government

The boiling cauldron of complaints surrounding Toyota's' unintended acceleration problems has finally bubbled over. Eight models that contain defective accelerator pedal mechanisms that could stick over time due to wear have been suspended from sale and production until further notice. The Detroit News reports that Toyota is required by law to stop selling the vehicles because there is no fix available yet. David Strickland, the new administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, said that Toyota consulted with his agency, which informed the automaker of its obligations. [The Detroit News]

Google Toolbar Tracks Your Browsing, Even When Off

Google's Toolbar is supposed to allow the user to disable it. However, it was discovered by a researcher that it was still sending information even when turned off. A patch is now available, and Google claims this was just a bug, not a feature. We can just imagine the software developers' response when confronted with this. "Yeah...that was a bug...or something. Gotta go!" Is it fair to call them evil yet? [The Register]

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