Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt

December 4, 2008

The personal soundtrack t-shirt makes everybody’s longtime fantasy of having their own movie soundtrack in real life.  When a foxy broad walks by, emit a cat call whistle.  When a noob epically fails, make them cringe with the wrong answer buzzer.  On a secret mission? Of course you are.  Play the Mission Impossible theme to give you that extra edge. 

The shirt comes with 20 built-in music and sound effect files, but you can upload your own with an SD card.  You can even program it by naming a file “07.mp3” to make it play when you press the 7 key on the wireless remote. 

The shirt is washable, too, which is nice because lord knows I work up a sweat when I’m in the middle of a western showdown.  Here are the built-in sounds: 


Included Musical Themes
Royal Entrance
Sexy Time Theme
Disco Floor
Silent Movie Chase Theme
True Love
Scary Movie
Spy Mission
Super Hero Rescue
Western Showdown
Game Show

Included Sound Effects
Drum Roll
Cat Call Whistle
Laugh Track
"Wrong Answer" Buzzer
Rim Shot
Metal Air Guitar
Police Siren