The Top 8 Pole Dancing Mishaps

by girls   September 29, 2008 at 12:00PM  |  Views: 863

Pole dancing has gone mainstream and everyone is doing it. Heck, it’s considered exercise. Countless women in America and across the world have installed poles in their homes so they can get fit. Here are the top 8 mishaps, accidents and failures of this fantastic new fad.


8. Public Pole Dancer Blows Up

7. What a Pole Dancing Accident Would Like in Ye Olden Days

6. Pole Dancing Practice Makes Perfect

5. Why You Shouldn't Make your Own Pole Dancing Pole

4. 2 Girls, 1 Pole Equals Fight

3. She has a Date with the Floor

2. Why Pole Dancers Should Have Insurance

1. Stripper Dances at Smack and Crack Party


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