What If? The Dodge Viper Imagined Circa 1967

February 9, 2009

The flagship supercar from the Pentastar started production in 1992, and its design has stayed largely the same throughout its life. But what if the Viper had been around in the muscle car heydays of the 1960s?


Designer Rafael Reston took a crack at that fantasy and seems to have hit it out of the park.


Going to the extent of researching the construction methods of 40 years ago, Reston did renderings all the way down to the stripped down framework of the vehicle, which shows a large nod to the Corvettes and Ferraris of the day.


Though the car has a level of detail and design elements which would’ve likely never seen the light of day due to cost involved, it’s still nice to dream. [Source: Autoblog]