Scientists Grow Sperm--Men Weep, Lesbians Rejoice

July 8, 2009

Apparently there's even less reason for women to want to have sex with men after scientists report that they've learned how to create sperm. Say it ain't so.

The British researchers "used embryonic stem cells extracted from IVF embryos and converted them into sperm cells by growing them in a culture containing vitamin A.” The research is intended to examine how the body creates sperm and discover ways for infertile men to have biological children.

Currently scientist have only successfully created sperm from male embryonic stem cells, however they believe it will “eventually be possible to produce them from female cells as well.” Further down the road human skin cells could be used to manufacture the sperm.

The research is controversial, with some scientists questioning the results. Dr Allan Pacey, of the University of Sheffield, told The Guardian, "As a sperm biologist of 20 years' experience, I am unconvinced from the data presented in this paper that the cells can be accurately called spermatozoa."

It's also controversial from an ethical point of view. Currently it's illegal in Britain to produce a baby with the new type of sperm. However, this could foreseeably change. Scientists around the world are calling for ethical guidelines and laws to govern the use of such sperm. Otherwise the male could become an endangered species.

What do you think?

Source: Eric O'Connell/The Image Bank/Getty Images

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