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September 17, 2009

This season on The Ultimate Fighter we will have myself, Roy "Big Country" Nelson, walk you through the madness of the house.

A little bit about me: I am a Las Vegas native, just like our former UFC Champion Frank Mir. I have helped train some of the top fighters in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) around the world. I have made my mark in this sport when I became a household name with my grappling accolades, and my devastating finishes and an ebullient personality. Despite what many think of my physical attributes by looking at me, I am truly a mixed martial artist, well rounded and capable of bringing the fight to any range and skill set. I am one of the most exciting fighters who can finish the fight standing, or on the ground.

First let me tell you about this episode. They missed showing a good couple of days of just us in the house. There was a lot of testosterone brewing, and everybody for the most part just wanted to fight. We were all told that we were going to fight as soon as we got to the training center. My expectations of fighting on the first day were high. I wanted to be the first to fight and make a point on what kind of fighter I was. When we all got to the training center, we were waiting around, and sizing each other up, then Dana had the big announcement, and it was the sixteenth fighter named Kimbo Slice. Everyone was licking their jaws as if Kimbo was going to be their meal ticket, but me I was thinking this guy comes to every fight to fight. Which is scary in this profession and especially if you got to fight three times in five weeks.
Over the next couple of days we trained hard and tried to figure out who wanted to fight first, we all did. The other team did not want to fight any of us except Scott Junk. Which was funny, since they all signed up to fight and nobody liked the match-ups. Our team loved the match ups and wanted to fight anyone on their team.
Next was fight picks, and Rampage choose the worst match up possible with a Matt Hughes-style wrestler, and a guy that fights because it's cool. It was not a good match up. Styles make fights and this fight was horrendous as a fellow fighter and fan. Nothing happened except the Matt Hughes takedowns lay and pray. At least in my previous fights I have passed the guard and have been stood up for actually working. Which I thought was very funny to see. I think if you get the takedown the fighter on the bottom needs to learn how to fight off their back. If they don't they are not a true MMA fighter, and might as well be a boxer.
Next week the show starts to spice up with me as the whipping boy for Rashad. I hope they show the whole clip of what actually happens. For next week the truth will set you free.
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Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images