Sienna Miller's Italian Topless Odyssey

July 18, 2008


It’s no secret that Sienna Miller loves being topless. She basically doesn’t believe in buying bras or bikini tops and will flaunt her rack whenever possible. There are literally hundreds of photographs of her naked torso are all over the web. This week she set a new record while vacationing in Italy with TV star, oil heir and married father of 4 Balthazar Getty (now that’s an awesome name). In the past week she has been photographed on 3 different day completely topless and we’ve got the photos to prove.

Sienna Miller's Italian Topless Odyssey Day#1


"Aye Aye Captain". Sienna takes charge with this sexy sailor hat.  Day 1 sees her photographed topless whilst on the phone, reading a book and changing her underwear.

Sienna Miller's Italian Topless Odyssey Day#2


Sienna shows off her armpits whilst on a boat off the Amalfi coast. Her company seems to be impressed.

Sienna Miller's Italian Topless Odyssey Day#3


On day 3 Balthazar got frisky and was photographedn grabbing Sienna's breasts and she was photographed touching his crotch. Sounds like they are meant to be.

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