WTF deadliest warrior

June 1, 2010
lets start with the with the jeese james vs. al kapone a( jeese james knife lost to al kapones because he couldnt hide it. if your going into i fight i dont care if you can hide it or not its probaly harder to get to  it if its in your pocket but with jeese james his knife was huge and he could just stick in his holster so it woould be easier to get to plus he could throw it so i give edge to jeese james on that b( al kapones machine gun let me say that again machine gun lost to a pistol you have 6 shots or maybe 12 if your lucky but with the tommy gun you have an ammo cartidge and it has better fire powerr edge al kapone c( finaly jeese james vs. al kapone i give that fight to al kapone he his better fire power more advanced technolgy and he is a crazy mob boss so his henchmen would all be afraid of him jeese james may have resoect but i give the edge to fearover respect al kapone vs. jeese james edge al kapone