Deadliest warrior tournament round 3

December 4, 2010

Here are the new matchups

Navy Seals vs. KGB

Spetznas vs. Israeli commandos

Navy seals vs. KGB

shoe spike vs. Recon 1: The recon 1 has a very small blade which is worrysome for lethality. The shoe spike is extremely stealthy although the recon 1 is too. I'm gonna give this to the shoe spike though for sheer stealth.

Sig p226 vs. Camera gun: Although again the camera gun is more stealthy the sig p226 holds more ammo. The sig can be fired repetitively and I don't think alot of Navy Seals would let someone take a picture of them. The sig p226 gets the edge.

Skorpion vs. m4a1: The Skorpion is much more stealthy. The m4a1 has over 10 times as much range. The m4a1 also has better penetration and more effective rounds. Despite the skorpions stealtht the m4a1 gets the edge.

C4 vs. Dead drop spike: The dead drop spike is extremely unpredictable but it's also meant for transporting information. Not alot of navy seals will necessarily be trying to extract information. I'm going to give the edge to c4.

Training: Navy seals are some of the most elite soldiers in the US. The KGB are trained on how to spy while they are trained at cqc with systema. The navy seals usually have alot of experience and they have to swim and run ridiculous amounts. The navy seals gets the edge.

Prediction: The KGB have stealth which is what allowed them to beat unsuspecting opponents like SWAT and the IRA. The navy seals are really prepared for anything. The KGB couldn't use stealth to defeat the SEALS. The seals would win at the end of the day because of better weapons and training.

Navy Seals: 653 KGB: 347

Israeli commandos vs. Spetznas:

KABAR vs. ballistic knife: The KABAR is more efficient as a regular knife however the ballistic knife is extremely unpredictable. The ballistic knife wins for sheer lethality and unpredictiablity.

Makarov vs. Glcok 19: Both are 9mm handguns. The makarov only holds 8 shots which isn't much compared to the glock's 15 shots. The glock gets the edge.

Micro-Galil vs. Ak74: Both are good assault rifles. The ak-74 is more durable than the micro-galil. Their aren't aton of other differences so the ak-74 gets the edge.

Semtex vs. RGD-5: The RGD-5 is more suitable for a frontal combat situation. The semtex has a larger explosion however earning it the edge.

Training: Both are the elite of the elite of their country (I'm comparing SOS spetznas). The commandos are trained in cqc however the spetznas are too. The spetznas have systema which tougens them up to points beyond belief. The spetznas get the edge for sheer brutality in their training..

Prediction: At the end of the day though the spetznas sheer brutality and lethality would counter the Israeli commanods. Their unpredictable weapons like the ballistic knife and their sheer durability as people and with their weapons like the ak-74 would win over the commandos.

Spetznas: 513 Commandos: 487

That leaves spetznas and Navy seals.