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Gene Simmons Axe Guitar

by Reverend_Danger   January 14, 2009 at 3:05PM  |  Views: 178

The Gene Simmons axe guitar is for those Guitar Hero heroes that embrace the darker, shining metallic edge of fake rocking.  Based on Simmons’ actual, axe-shaped axe, this game controller features a bi-directional strum bar, a classic whammy bar, “ultraresponsive” fret buttons on both ends of the neck, and one more thing…

...a terrifying axe for the body.  Laugh if you must at this semi-silly controller, but fake rocking evolves into real carnage relatively quickly.  This controller, in fact, reminds me of a story.

True:  I bought a bunch of ninja swords because I’m awesome.  And, one night, in a rock-induced fit of kickassery, I used said ninja swords to chop up my roommate’s entertainment center (on which we were playing Guitar Hero 2).  I did it because it was kind of rock and roll, and also because he was a gigantic, flapping douchenozzle.  The weird part, though, was that nobody said a single friggin’ word about it until the day I moved out, a year later, and I showed up with a new entertainment center tied to the roof of my sh*tty Mazda with an orange extension cord.