Love for The Shore

by Robbie E   November 14, 2012 at 12:00PM  |  Views: 2,071

Hey what's up, my dudes? This week is a big week... 'cause I am writing my bro blog naked! Don't worry, Bigger Rob is standing behind me so it's not weird or anything. Well, it's a little weird.

Anyway, it's no secret that Hurricane Sandy wiped out a lot of Jersey and was certainly a tragic event. Well, it took out Seaside and all of the boardwalk, which is one of my favorite places to frequent as a kid and an adult. These are the reasons why I'll miss the boardwalk this summer, bro.

5 - Girls - The boardwalk is an awesome place to pick up women, bro. Drunk girls often walk the boardwalk after the bar or club and by winning them a prize or something its an easy pick up, bro.

4 - Ice Cream - I love ice cream, bro! All kinds, all flavors. So does Bigger Rob. But there is something about boardwalk ice cream with rainbow sprinkles that just makes my heart melt. Boardwalk ice cream is boss!

3 - Clubs - Obviously all the clubs and bars are dope to me. But on the boardwalk… the music is dope, the girls are dope, the drinks are stronger, and partying right on the water is always a good time. Even Bigger Rob likes it because they let him be shirtless.

2 - Prizes - The prizes on the boardwalk are always sweet, mang. Think about it. Big stuffed animals, candy, pictures... it's always cool to win a lot of stuff. I love winning stuff. Plus walking around with a big stuffed animal helps get chicks. Although Bigger Rob never wants to give his big bears up.

1 – Skee-ball - Not only am I former X-Division and TV champ, I am the current skee-ball world champ. No one can beat me, bro. I should be the face of skee-ball. I have beaten kids as young as 5 years old and dudes as old 97 years old. Age doesn't matter in skee-ball. Plus, I have beaten Bigger Rob, Eric Young, Okada, Miss Tessmacher and Jeremy Borash. I dare you to challenge me!!

So listen up, my dudes, if you want to help out with the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, you gotta head over to and check out the #SandyHelp shirt. Buy the shirt, dude. Proceeds go to the Red Cross, so don't be a hamster.

Until next week... ohhhh! You ain't on the list, bro!


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