Britney Spears Fans Get Too Raunchy for Live Show

August 27, 2009

During a Britney Spears concert on Tuesday at Madison Square Garden, a few fans were booted from the gig because they were getting a little too crazy from Britney’s over-the-top Circus tour stop.

It’s being reported that a number of fans were forced to exit the aisles of MSG by security guards after being told that they were dancing "too provocatively" to Britney’s music.

One of those yanked by guards, Sandra Ion, a Dramatics hair salon manager, said: "I guess there had been a complaint from someone in our section that our dancing was too risque. Meanwhile, Britney is onstage gyrating half-naked and singing "Get Naked." It was totally ridiculous. They should have just moved whoever complained instead of all of us."

Sandra Ion also complained that Madison Square Garden management refused to pay her back for the tickets.

These chicks thought they were gonna have a slutty night all to themselves and they got burned in the process. This crap is straight outta Dirty Dancing. Nobody puts Britney in the corner!

Source: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images