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Top 5 Amazing Backyard Discoveries

by AaronAhmadi   March 15, 2012 at 3:00AM  |  Views: 49,296

Whether it's a historical relic or just a chest full of gold coins, everyone wants to dig up something amazing in their backyard, but the question is does it really happen? You bet your gold-plated shovel it does. From Austria all the way to the U.S., it seems like 'rich' soil is everywhere.

5. Mammoth Remains

It's been almost 12,000 years since the wooly mammoth has roamed around in North America, but that doesn't mean it's gone forever. Rudy Tartsah, a farmer in Carnegie, OK, found the jaw and tooth remains of a mammoth as recent as February of this year. Tartsah actually ran into this astonishing discovery by looking for arrowheads on his land. Looks like he went looking for silver and found gold instead.


4. Native American Artifact

Is it an arrowhead? Is it an ax? Is it a woodworking tool? In August 2006, David Ford, a man tending to his garden in Florissant, MO, came across something he definitely knew was not just a rock. Lucky for him, his wife who was employed at Washington University was able to ask around and eventually found out that it was indeed a Native American artifact (possibly an ax) that was around 1,000 years old. Note to self: start a garden in the backyard.

Image: Marilyn Angel Wynn/Getty Images

3. Ancient Human Bones

The Florida Keys are a stunningly beautiful chain of islands, and a prime real estate spot if you want to dig up ancient human bones in your backyard from 2,400 years ago – well, at least that's what happened to a 61-year old woman in the fall of 2010. That's right, pieces of skull, jaw, arm, leg, and foot were dug up, and turned over to the Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research, so they could find out where exactly they came from. Ancient people lived in Florida apparently 2,400 years ago, but they probably were not pro fishing at the piers or playing beach volleyball.

Image: Stocktrek Images/Getty Images

2. Austrian Royal Ornaments

Forget finding one piece of buried treasure, try 200 on for size. In May 2011 an Austrian man found over 200 royal items in Vienna, including rings, brooches, and other ornaments buried deep within his backyard. The estimated total worth of his grand discovery was about $150,000, but Austrian authorities couldn't nail down the exact origin of the treasures. Talk about royal bling.

Image: Danita Delimont/Getty Images

1. Anglo-Saxon Treasure

This earth-shattering discovery of treasure is one for the books. Terry Herbert stumbled upon perhaps the largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon treasure in July of 2009 in Staffordshire, England, when he found over 1,500 pieces of gold and silver crosses, sword decorations, and other ornaments. As an amateur treasure hunter and member of a Metal Detecting Club, Herbert had his fair share of haters, but who's laughing now?

Image: Anglo-Saxon/Getty Images