Barbarella is Back

August 7, 2009

Jane Fonda might be old, but interest in the film that made her big is new. Robert Luketic is set to direct this story of sexual exploits in space, and Dino De Laurentiis, the producer of the original, is back for the remake.

Joe Gazzam is going to pen the script. The original was released in 1968 and presented a young Fonda to the world as a sexually free woman who roamed the galaxy in search of kinkiness and adventure. The film was based on a character from a 1962 French “graphic magazine.” Are there any other kind of French magazines?

At one point Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) was attached to the project along with his then-gal pal Rose McGowan. With the waning of their love came the dissolution of the project, which can be seen as fortunate seeing as Rodriguez is now the guy pushing the reboot of Predator forward.

Whether or not this new Barbarella succeeds will depend in large part on who is cast to play the title role. I just want it on record here that I said it first: Megan Fox should not be cast in this role. Any hot girl other than her.

If only in memory of Jane Fonda’s hotness.

Source: Carlo Bavagnoli/Getty Images