Kimbo on The Ultimate Fighter?

October 28, 2008

Hold on to your homeless beards, fight fans, according to Dana White the door is wide open for Kimbo Slice to try out for a future season of The Ultimate Fighter, awkward chest hair and all.

What exactly does this mean for the former porn bouncer? Probably nothing.

Slice has already headlined some major MMA cards and has already made more money than most UFC fighters. So it's not very likely that he'll want to start from the bottom and compete with a bunch of unknowns.

Add that to the fact that Dana immediately followed his invitation by saying that he has no chance of actually winning -not a very persuasive offer- and it's safe to say that Kimbo will not be appearing on the series anytime soon.

"Hey, you wanna come on my reality show so you can fail miserably in front of millions of scornful viewers?" I think Kimbo has had enough of that miserable failure stuff after his debacle with Seth Petruzelli (who was on TUF and lost, by the way).

So don't get your gold teeth in a bunch just yet, let's wait and see how this plays out first.