Pay to Party, Blow Your Wad on Movie

June 9, 2008


I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell is a book by notorious lothario, Tucker Max.  He has chronicled his booze and libido-driven exploits in a cool-at-first but horribly-tragic-when-finished memoire which catalyzed an enormous following of people loving, hating, or are simply gawking at him and his phenomenon.  Now, he's taking his soft-earned money and blowing it on a movie which will likely (and sadly) make him a whole lot more.  He said in one interview that the budget is around 8 million, but it's unclear if those are all his dollars.

The book is a series of short stories that, if strung together, would probably take more than 120 minutes to tell.  But there will, without question, be a great deal of alcohol, debased women, nudity, and profanity throughout.  It is rumored that it’ll be based mostly on his story The Austin Road Trip but it doesn't really matter which story they choose as they're all wrought from the above elements.

You can read the stories at his site here, or you can buy his book and read the same exact stories but on paper instead of a screen.

The book and the idea of a movie are disturbing enough, but perhaps even more mind-boggling is the fact that Darko Entertainment, Richard Kelly’s production company, are the ones who optioned the film.  They made their name making Donnie Darko which was decidedly cerebral and involved little to no sushi pants.

If I sound disenchanted it's because I'm disenchanted. I read the book a long time ago, and for my money: “yick.”  I love a good booze and broads story as much as the next fella, but everybody has their tolerance (get it?) and his book exceeds mine for pulpy smut.  Maybe the movie will be better?  Maybe he’ll learn his lesson?  Nope.  He won’t.