Elderly NFL Owner Gives Opposing Team the One-Finger Salute

November 16, 2009

86-year-old Tennessee Titans’ owner Bud Adams was tired of celebrating wins with class, dignity, and adult diaper changes. So, after defeating one of the worst teams in the NFL, he decided that obscene taunting was a much better way to celebrate a stellar 3-6 record.

Towards the end of their 41-17 win over the Buffalo Bills, Bud Adams began flipping the bird to the fans of Buffalo (who have built up a 20-year immunity to disappointment and humiliation) just moments after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell left his suite to discuss how to improve the league.

Adams later apologized for the senile actions, claiming (with a straight face) that he has nothing but respect for the Bills and did not mean to offend a franchise that functions as the Susan Lucci of the professional sports world.

Look at the joy on Adams’ face. It’s like Christmas came early and there’s a fresh batch of Metamucil under the tree.