DIY Glove Mouse Concept Brings Sci-Fi Computing Home

March 31, 2010

After finding themselves particularly impressed with the gesture-based control scheme used with the computers in the film Minority Report, two electrical engineering students at MIT have decided to build a setup of their own. The result is the "Glove Mouse."

Much like the way you would manipulate a map on an iPhone or similar touchscreen device, the Glove Mouse allows you to pinch, stretch, and push objects around - only in this instance, all of these input gestures take place in 3D space.

Using a tripod-mounted camera to track hand movements and a briefcase-sized computer to do all the heavy lifting, it's probably still a ways off from primetime, but this concept seems to indicate we might be just a few years off from the seamless and sleek interface Tom Cruise utilized in the aforementioned movie.


Source: Engadget