Music by the Campfire

by MariShapiro   August 19, 2010 at 10:24AM  |  Views: 146

Day 4 - For our last day we planned on going to the hot springs for some rest and relaxation. The first "hot springs" we came to was nothing more than a man made pool that they pumped naturally warm water from underground into, and it was packed with people. No thank you. I don't need everyone to notice me cutting up carrots and onions into the water as the rest of my crew simmers... I meant sits there.

After some more searching, we came to a trail head on the side of a mountain that said .4 miles and decided to check it out and possibly camp there. So we loaded up, and quickly realized how difficult the journey back to the car would be, as this was .4 miles of zig zagging down the mountain. But it was totally worth it as there weren't any other people around, and we were right on the river with a nice patch of beachy sand to sleep on. About 50 yards away was the money shot, a giant, beautiful green waterfall. This was a fun place to explore at night also, and the stars were more clear on this night than I have ever seen.

Day 5 - We did it! Our last night in Olympic National Park. After the morning activities we packed up and walked .4 miles directly uphill on the trail back. It was more difficult than a flatter 6 miles, but satisfying after it was over. And on the ride back to Seattle, I think that was the most accurate description for the entire trip - satisfying.

Life is great! Enjoy it.

Alex Shelley

We made an album.

Not a photographical one, but a musical one. First things first, please check out our band, The High Crusade: