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Music by the Campfire

by MariShapiro   August 19, 2010 at 10:24AM  |  Views: 154

The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley) bring us up to date on their recent camping trip and release of their new album.

Chris Sabin

Super Camping Part 2!!!!

Well, first off I must apologize for the somewhat misleading direction I sent the readers of this blog last week by emphasizing the bear turds that we slept around on night two. We settled down and camped, but there were no bear attacks even though we were all a little nervous. But hey, you're reading part two aren't you?

Day 3
- As the day began, we enjoyed some mini pancakes for breakfast (even with no butter or syrup they were some of the best I ever tasted) and packed up camp and we all sat down on a log bench and planned our next move. We were about 6 miles into the Hoh trail at this point, and we were contemplating hiking further in and spending the night in the Hoh again, and then hiking the entire distance back the next day. After some debate on what to do I suggested we just hike the 6 miles back and hit up one of the beaches on the coast and camp there for night 3. Everyone agreed and we were off on the 6 mile journey back to the vehicle at the trail head.

Leaving the night 2 camping area was quite the task as to get there we had to walk down a very steep hill covered with trees, prickers and all sorts of thick vegetation. To get out, we decided to find a different path, which wasn't a path at all. For about an hour we slowly made our own path through the thick, thick forest. We stuck to hiking through the very thick forest when we came to a giant fallen tree that we used to walk on top of, and it brought us right to the trail. Ding!

By the time we finally got back to the car, 6 miles with 50 lbs of gear strapped on our backs, I was very happy we didn't decide to go further into the trail and then hike the entire distance back the next day. That 6 miles was brutal. We asked one of the rangers for a suggestion on a good beach, and he suggested Second Beach. Sounds good, here we come.

We arrived and this place was amazing. A short trail, then climbing over a gigantic pile of driftwood/trees, and we were on a beach with a couple tall, rocky islands not far from shore, and the entire beach was closed off other than the trail by rocky cliffs. It was amazing to set up camp there and spend the rest of the day and night exploring the area. The tide was low, and we were able to walk out to two of the islands. Starfish and Horseshoe crabs were some of the life we observed. There is nothing like waking up on the beach, even if when you wake up there are a bunch of tourists walking around who were able to see the mess of beer cans/bottles we slept around. We didn't leave a trace though, everything was cleaned up thoroughly.