Lamb Takes on Mighty Golden Eagle and Wins

February 17, 2009

In Scotland, at Baile Ailean on the Western Isles, there lives a little lamb.  Its fleece was white as snow...until it became soaked in the blood of its enemies.  According to an official report from the Scottish Natural Heritage Bird Report, this little lamb was seen headbutting a golden eagle.

Here’s a little perspective on this event.  A golden eagle’s wingspan is, on average, around 80 inches.  They weigh around 10 pounds (and most of that is beak and talon).  They eat lambs.  It’s what they do. Lambs are domesticated sheep babies that are for being cute and for being eaten.

Not this lamb, though.  This lamb looked at this golden eagle and said, “Hey, eagle, why don’t you toss my salad,” and just headbutted the s**t out of it.  The lamb is fine.  The eagle flew away like a wuss after which the lamb was heard to mumble, “that’s what I thought.”

Nature is awesome.

Source: Bob Elsdale/Stone/Getty Images